This is Marvin

Marvin in Repose

Formerly Paul's cat, we've had to find him a new home.

Marvin is an twelve year old Domestic Short hair - a common, if large (5.5 kilos), cat.

Marvin has an interesting personality. He's very affectionate toward his owner Paul, and to his previous owners Anya and Jack. To everyone else, he’s usually indifferent or actively hostile. Marvin hates dogs, actively stalking any he encounters. He’s also street-smart, and knows how to cross a road. And... he hates children, and sometimes goes completely insane. When he does, he has large claws and big sharp teeth!

That was the problem. We have a wee baby as of early 2013, and Marvin was basically not going to like this. Luckily, his former owner Anya moved house and wanted a cat - a mutually agreeable solution for all.

Here he is in his new home.
Happy kittyHappy kitty
He likes to be under the covers. Have you ever seen a happier cat?

Here are some old videos of him at his most insane. You can see why we might not want him around a baby.