for making our


so amazing!

The reviews are in:

"Best Wedding Ever!" - random guests
"Thanks for showing my kids what a wedding can be like." - random relative
"When do we sing Happy Birthday?" - confused three year old niece.

Thank you all for making our wedding so excellent!
Thanks for the contributions to the event itself - food, music, dancing and all the photos. Thanks for the contributions to the Baby Fund and for all the baby gear.

Special thanks to our wedding parties - Geoff, Jess, Tim, Vanessa, Bucky, Christine and Elvira. And our flower girls Milla and Nina. And Thanks to the 230-odd people who showed up!

The Happy Couple

The groom wore purple and red, the bride was seven months pregnant!

Here are some of the highlights:

Paul and Deb - Highlights Track from Belinda Jane Video on Vimeo.

We have videos of the whole event. See The Guests Arrival, marvel at The Ceremony (the crucial bit), listen to The Speeches admire the The MUK Performance and laugh at us trying to do The First Dance!

Here are just some of the pictures taken:

What's that you say? You want to see more pictures? Well, here are a bunch from Facebook, here are several hundred more from various photographers, and then there was the famous photo booth.

Our wedding took place at the excellent The Thornbury Theatre. They were great, we recommend them. It featured dancing from the Melbourne branch of the Real Hot Bitches, music from the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective. The whole event was filmed by Belinda Jane Video and photographed by Michelle Tyrrell, DJed by DJ My T Jaxx and Paul's hair was done by Wildilocks!